Car thieves arrested


Anti Vehicle Lifting Staff Iqbal Town Division arrested two alleged car lifters of Irshad alias Shada Car Lifter Gang including its ringleader on Friday. 9 cars worth 40 lakh rupees have been recovered from their possession. The accused were reported to have confessed to 9 cases of car lifting during preliminary interrogation. Capital City Police Officer, Muhammad Aslam Tareen has announced cash prizes and commendatory certificates for the police team.
Murder (1)
Unidentified assailants killed a 25-year-old worker of a medicine company in the Nishter Conlony Police precincts on Friday. The deceased was identified as Vikram Maseeh resident of F-Block, Yohna Abad. Police said that the deceased left his house at noon and was shot dead by an unidentified motorcyclist after walking only a few yards. The body of the deceased was removed to the city morgue for autopsy. Police said that a case against unknown assailants has been registered. Police said that the valuables of the deceased were recovered from the scene which shows that this was not a case of murder during robbery. Police suspect that the deceased was killed by a few people who owed him money Family of the deceased said that they do not have any enmity with anyone.
A tractor trolley crashed into a house in factory area, killing eight year old Shahzad and injuring his brothers Allah Dita and Faraz on Thursday night. The injured were rushed to a near by hospital where doctors declared their condition to be critical. Police reached the crime scene an hour after the accident and removed the trolley. The uncle of the victims has registered an FIR against the driver of the trolley who managed to escape from the scene. The body of the deceased was handed over to his family after the completion of legal procedures.


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