Plan B to be launched against supporters of Plan A: Fazl


ISLAMABAD – The Plan A sit-in of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) in the federal capital ended on Wednesday as party chief Fazlur Rehman directed the party workers to join the Plan B of the Azadi March. The Plan B is slated to be launched against those who supported Plan A.

“Now we will disperse peacefully to open a new front against those who thought that Plan A was a good idea. We will block the main highways and roads of the country to press our frustration against those who egged us on,” Rehman said.

The JUI-F chief, whose Plan A had hinged on the resignation of the prime minister, claimed that Plan B’s success would depend on finding the culprit who planted the idea of the demand of resignation and asking them to step down.

“In this regard Plan B has been successful in achieving many objectives. We have been able to shake roots and created jolts,” Rehman said. “Now all we need to do is find out whom we have shaken and jolted.”

Sources within the party say the workers have started their looking across highways and major roads, asking for the name of the person who thought launching a dharna seeking the PM’s resignation was a good idea.

“They say it was Imran Khan. So now we are back to square one – Plan B becomes Plan A, infinity loop,” JUI-F General Secretary Abdul Ghafoor Haideri told The Dependent.