Govt to amend NAB law


–Suspect accused of Rs50m embezzlement to get C Class facilities in jail


The federal government has decided to make amendments in National Accountability Ordinance 1999 with the insertion of subsection 10 in the ordinance which will assign C Class jail facilities to a suspect accused of embezzling funds over Rs50 million.

The accused will be given a C class in jail during the investigation or trial, according to media reports.

Furthermore, the government also decided to amend the Benami Transaction Act 2017. Clause no. 31 has been added to section 2 of the Transaction Act 2017 under which everyone will be able to identify benami assets. NAB amendment ordinance will be tabled at the next federal cabinet meeting for approval.

NAB reforms have been on the cards for some time now and the government had also prepared a draft in this regard.

One of the amendments pertains to empowering trial accountability court to grant pre-and post-arrest bail. The official proposal also says an accused will be released on bail if an inquiry under the NAB law is not concluded within three months.

Another identical amendment relates to the introduction of a threshold of alleged corruption of Rs500 million that the NAB will be authorised to investigate so that it is halted from looking into petty malpractices and irregularities.

Yet another similar proposal pertains to plea bargain (PB) and voluntary return (VR). The official amendment says that PB and VR will lead to the disqualification of public office holder to hold office or employment for a period of 10 years or any other period.