White Lies


India’s ‘Meat King’, Moeen Qureshi, had a destination wedding for his daughter in Turkey recently. He’s fabulously rich (the income tax and excise departments are still reportedly figuring out how much he has stashed) but the decision to have a destination wedding wasn’t because he just had to flaunt his money as is the usual case with such events. No, it was a necessity. You see, his daughter is married off into the Lakhanis of Pakistan. Since neither sets of families and guests could attend the wedding in the other country, the ‘neutral’ venue of Turkey was decided.

The wedding included the who’s who of Pakistani business. Alongside the Lakhanis were the Saigols, the Manshas and others.


The spark, so to speak, behind the tycoons’ meeting with the army chief was a gas magnate who is a former ICI man.

The chief also noted the services of another captain of commerce during the said meeting. If this, indeed, is to be the new normal, these two gentlemen are set to be far more influential than the other lot.