Censor boards unban Durj after storyline altered to show cannibals as money launderers


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

KARACHI – Actor-turned-producer Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming film Durj, which had been banned by censor boards across the country ahead of its release date October 18 has now been unbanned.

The actor took to Instagram to share the good news confirming that that the film will hit cinemas worldwide on October 11 and will be released in the country on October 18.

“(Durj) based on true events about the heinous crime of cannibalism occurred in Pakistan and various parts of the world in the past, is shaping up to be a big hit now that the storyline will showcase the cannibals as money launderers – possibly the darkest unraveling of corruption to hit any screen,” Abbasi wrote on Instagram.

With the censor boards not issuing any statement on why the film had been originally banned, Shamoon Abbasi told The Dependent that merely a minor tweak was needed to get the film the go-ahead.

“Of course, cannibalism is a unique subject for filmmaking, but I was told that so is corruption. Therefore to merge the two, the cannibals are being showcased as money launderers belonging to major political parties of the country,” Abbasi said.

However, Abbasi clarified the film isn’t aimed at any particular party.