Two Khairpur girls subjected to Vani, family ordered to leave village


KHAIRPUR: A jirga in Naro Taluka sub-district of Khairpur slapped an individual, Rahim Bux Bhambhro, with Rs.500,000 fine and declared two girls of his family Vani under allegations of karo-kari on Tuesday.

Bhambhro was fined over alleged illicit relationship with a married woman of Shikarpur.

The jirga also ordered the family to concede two of their girls as Vani and ordered them to leave the village.

Vani is a practice in rural areas of Sindh and Punjab, in which the family of a person accused of a serious crime give(s) its girl(s) in marriage to the aggrieved family to settle a blood feud.

Bhambhro rejected the decision and held a protest along with his family members and alleged that local influentials have used the jirga to settle their personal score.

“When I demanded money, they owed to me, they accused me of this offense,” he said, adding: “They are now issuing threats to us.”

He appealed to state authorities for protection to the family and justice.