16 new heritage sites listed in the Punjab Gazette


LAHORE: At least 16 properties in the walled city in Lahore have been declared heritage sites by the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA). The sites have been listed in the official Punjab Gazette and their new status has been endorsed by the Heritage Conservation Board of WCLA.

However, there are around 247 buildings in the walled city which also deserve the attention of the WCLA.

The 16 properties listed in the official Punjab Gazette include Haveli Kabli Mal, Dina Nath Haveli, Bej Nath Haveli , Mian Sultan Haveli, Laal Haveli, D-747 , D-748 , D-838 , D-750 , House of Allama Iqbal B-597, A-12, Neevin Masjid, Victoria High School, Haveli Dhyan Singh, Wazir Khan Mosque and Mariam Zamani Mosque.

The Deputy Director Building Control WCLA Mubashir Hassan said that all prominent Havelis will be declared as heritage properties. “Almost 34 buildings were declared heritage properties by the Heritage Conservation Board of WCLA with 16 of them now being listed in the official Punjab Gazette. This is the first step in our attempt to protect Lahore’s heritage.” Mubashir said.

He added that a plaque stating ‘Heritage Property’ would also be placed on all the declared sites.

Director-General WCLA Kamran Lashari said, “In order to save the heritage of the city and to restore the buildings to their original grandeur it was important to declare them as heritage sites.” adding, “Our heritage is our identity and WCLA is doing whatever it can to conserve the heritage of old Lahore.” He said more buildings would soon be declared heritage sites and conservation work would be carried out on them.