Imran ‘sold off’ Kashmir, claims Reham


Reham Khan, the former wife of prime minister Imran Khan, has claimed that he knew beforehand about India’s plans to abolish the autonomy of occupied Kashmir and even tried to negotiate a “deal” with New Delhi to please his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi.

On August 5, India revoked Article 370 of its constitution through a rushed presidential decree, stripping occupied Kashmir Valley of its special status.

Now, almost two weeks after the development, Reham claims that the prime minister had known about New Delhi’s plans to strip Kashmir of its autonomy and even attempted to make a “deal” with Modi.

“I would say that Kashmir has been sold off,” she said on Tuesday, as quoted by the New Indian Express.

According to Reham, the day (August 5) the Kashmir announcement was made, one of her team members called her up to say, “Ma’am what you said is coming true”. “I told him please pray that it does not come true,” she said.



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