US lifts travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats


The United States has removed restrictions imposed on the movement of Pakistani diplomats and officials in Washington, reported a local media outlet on Wednesday.

Pakistani diplomatic staff had to take permission at least five days ahead from the US authorities if they needed to travel outside of the imposed 25 miles radius; however, after the removal of the bar, the Pakistani diplomats could travel in the US without any hurdle.

The US had imposed travel restrictions on Pakistani diplomats, officials and their family members last year on May 11.

The Trump administration had notified Pakistani authorities that diplomats at their embassy in Washington and at consulates in other cities will not be able to travel beyond 40km from their posts without permission.

The restrictions imposed were followed by a statement by the Pakistani foreign office that announced ‘reciprocal’ travel restrictions on US diplomats.

Pakistani authorities had sent a letter to the US embassy in Islamabad notifying them about the travel restrictions on the movement of US diplomats in the country.



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