NAB probing Sindh revenue officers for illegal land allotment to SBP Staff Cooperative Housing Society


KARACHI: As the corruption watchdog is extending its sphere to probe illegal allotments of official land, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has started investigations into the illegal allotment of at least 90 acres land to the State Bank of Pakistan Staff Cooperative Housing Society (SBPSCHS) by revenue officials, Pakistan Today has learned.

According to official documents exclusively available with Pakistan Today, the watchdog under case No NABK2017/022866023 sought the provision of all the relevant record as to how the land was allotted without the approval of the concerned authorities.

NAB’s Combined Investigation Team (CIT) headed by Jawaid Ahmed Khan, Additional Director IW-2 has called for documents from Deputy Secretary, Land Utilization Yar Muhammad Bozdar, Imran Hameed, Assistant, Section V, Ghulam Ali, Junior Clerk, Section V, Irshad Rind, SO (Litigation) and Ali Ahmed Sethar, Section II.

The documents revealed that revenue authorities submitted background of the case of a proposal for allotment of 90 acres of government land from Naclass 28, Deh Allah Pihai to State Bank of Pakistan Staff Cooperative Society Housing Society. Needless to state that the same matter is under investigation in the NAB under the provision of NAO, 1999.

According to NAB sources, the replies from the revenue authorities are not supported with the provision of laws/rules/policies. Moreover, it has been mentioned that the Secretary to the Government of Sindh Land Utilisation department has discretionary power to extend the period of unpaid challan or issue fresh challan and accepted to also. The office’s copy of the challan, along with a paid challan’s original copy, is also not available in the official record.

“It has also been concealed from NAB that another summary for CM bearing subject ‘Request from M/s State Bank of Pakistan Staff Cooperative Housing Society for grant of 90-acres from NaClass 28, Deh Allah Pihai Karachi on 99 years leased out right conversion was again re-submitted to law department on 22.2.2019 by detaching the pages of the summary containing earlier opinion of law dept for not processing the case any further and approval of the Sindh CM in this regard. The same summary of CM was returned to LU department on 17-4.2019,” sources added.

Additionally, the concerned SO (V) LU Dept in his statement in NAB on 18-4-2019 has disclosed that he does not have much knowledge about this case and rather Imran Hameed, Assistant Section V, and Ghulam Ali, Junior Clerk Section V of LU Department are more aware of the facts of the case and file movement. Likewise, Imran Hameed SO VII LU dept disclosed in his statement that he obtained guidance from Yar Muhammad Bozdar DS LU and Irshad Rind SO Litigation LU in preparing the aforesaid reply of LU Dept.

In view thereof, it is requested to go through the contents of the aforesaid reply of LU dept and furnish comments of Board of Revenue through secretary Board of Revenue and also direct the concerned section officer V and Deputy Secretary Section V LU dept to furnish the following information.

When contacted, Deputy Secretary, Land Utilization Yar Muhammad Bozdar told Pakistan Today the NAB wanted to get details of the allotment of the land and the same has been provided to them. “We are fully cooperating with the investigation authorities”, he added.