Boy shaves girl’s head, beats her for not accepting marriage proposal

Woman being kidnapped and abused

In another episode of violence on women, a boy Monday allegedly beat up and shaved the head of a second-year student after she did not accept his marriage proposal in Lahore.

The incident occurred in the Factory area of the city.

Speaking to a local media outlet, the victim’s mother said that the boy had beaten up her daughter so badly that he arm was badly injured as a result, adding that the boy assaulted her when she was preparing for her exams at her home which seemed to imply that he intended to cause more than just physical damage.

The woman also said that although the had repeatedly called the police helpline 15 for help, it remained unanswered.

Earlier on May 9, a man and his friend had doused a girl in petrol and set her on fire for rejecting his marriage proposal in Muzaffargarh.