I said I’m fine, says teary Hamza Abbasi after Murad Saeed unscathed in cabinet reshuffle


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

Wiping away from his eyes what were clearly tears but what he claimed was ‘just some speck I got stuck in my eye,’ actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has said he is fine, and doing perfectly okay after Federal Minister for Communication and Postal services Murad Saeed went unscathed in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

“I said I’m fine” he said when asked by The Dependent’s correspondent to comment on the development.

“Why would I have anything to say about this? I mean, it’s not like Khan sb may have mentioned to me in private that there would be a reshuffle of the cabinet. Why would he tell me that? And why would that get my hopes up because of that” said the clearly distressed actor.

It is rumoured that Abbasi is reacting this strongly because former Finance Minister Asad Umar was reportedly a great shipper of what is known within the PTI as “Team Himran” as opposed to “Team Imrad.”

Now with Asad sb gone, he’ll be cosying up to him in cabinet meetings all the more. that little . . .” he went on to say in a spiel not reproducible on these hallowed pages.

“But whatever. I’m fine. Just doing my own thing, and I trust Khan sb. Even if I don’t trust the evil piece of . . .” he went on to say in the same vein.