Teenage maid raped, killed in Islamabad


–The maid was 12 weeks pregnant at the time of murder

An 18-year-old domestic maid was raped and killed by her employer in the federal capital on Wednesday, according to reports.

Maria was raped by her employer and after she conceived a baby, he pushed her from the stairs, which resulted in her death. Police arrested Tauqeer Rafique, who is the son of a millionaire property dealer after registering a case against him.

Complainant Javed Nawab told the police that he is working as a domestic helper in one of the houses in the area of Lohari Bher in the federal capital where Nabeel Rafique, who is living in the same neighbourhood, had asked him that his brother Tauqeer Rafique needed a young female domestic worker. “On his request, I asked my 18-year-old poor niece Maria hailing from district Khanewal to work at Tauqeer’s house,” Javed said.

He said that Maria accepted the offer and moved to Tauqeer’s house. He further that on Tuesday, Tauqeer telephoned him and said that Maria had been admitted to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) after she fell from the stairs. “When I reached the hospital, I found her dead,” he added.

The incident was confirmed by Inspector Ahmed Kamal of the homicide unit, who said that not only was the woman constantly raped but the PIMS lady doctor also confirmed that the girl was 12 weeks pregnant.