Taliban commander Maulana Mansoor killed in Afghanistan


The Afghan Ministry of Interior on Sunday confirmed that a prominent Taliban commander was killed during operation of Afghan Special Forces in southeastern Paktika province.

The Ministry of Interior, in a statement, said that a prominent Taliban commander, Maulana Mansoor, was killed during a raid conducted by Special Forces in Paktika province.

The statement further added that Maulana Mansoor was in the lead of Taliban militants in Paktika province and was involved in the majority of high-level and complex attacks in this province.

The anti-government armed militants, including the Taliban, have not commented regarding the killing of Maulana Mansoor so far.

Paktika is among the relatively volatile provinces in southeastern parts of Afghanistan. The Taliban, Haqqani network and militants affiliated with the other groups are active in some of its remote districts and often attempt to conduct attacks against the government and security institutions.