Proposal to have female cheerleaders in PSL matches turned down


A proposal to have female cheerleaders during the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and home matches of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was made but not agreed upon due to various reasons.

According to a report, the PSL secretariat had suggested that cheerleaders should perform during the PSL 4 matches.

“The franchise owners were assured the female cheerleaders would be wearing proper eastern dresses and would not wear anything objectionable and they would perform in one corner of the ground where the matches are to be held,” according to a source in the PCB which was quoted by the report.

However, the franchise owners turned it down.

The franchise owners, as per the report, rejected the proposal “objecting to them having to shell out USD 14,000 dollars and… because they felt the presence of cheerleaders would not be helpful in enhancing the popularity and following of the league.”

The PSL 2019 kicks off from February 14 in Dubai and will run for roughly a month, with Karachi hosting the final on 17th March 2019. 34 matches will be played in the PSL 4. Lahore and Karachi will share eight matches between them at the later stage of the 32-day event.