Govt committed to adopt fundamentals of State of Madina: PM


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday reiterated his government’s commitment to run the country on the basis of the fundamentals of the State of Madina.

“Students should get education about the life of world’s greatest leader and our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) so as to take guidance from his Seerat-e-Tayyiaba,” he said while talking to students of Cadet College Mastung here at the PM Office.

The prime minister said that for research on the Seerat-e-Tayyiaba of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Seerat Chairs were being established in three major universities of the country.

Minister for Defence Production Zubaida Jalal was also present in the meeting during which the students interacted with the Prime Minister on various subjects.

The Prime Minister said that since a person was known by his intentions and approach, the one who had big dreams and took big challenges became a great person.

“Every minor success prepares the man for big achievements. If a person continues to strive, he becomes a successful man. A person loses only after he accepts the failure. As good and bad times are part of life, a person gets a lesson from bad times,” he observed.

The PM said a comprehensive planning was required to check the severe water issue in Balochistan, which had become worst due to the growing population and the decreasing underground water level.

He said as three types of class-based education systems, which were not acceptable in any society, were causing problems in Pakistan, the government was trying to introduce a uniform and quality education system in the country.

The prime minister said since Balochistan lagged behind as compared to other provinces due to various reasons, the government would make every effort to provide development opportunities to the province, especially the provision of educational opportunities to students through stipends so as to help them move forward in the field of education.

He said as funds under the new local government system would be devolved to the lower level, the provision of development funds at the village level would help eliminate backwardness from different areas of Balochistan.

The prime minister said the government would introduce a new sports system across the country so that the youth could get opportunities to show their skills.