Acid attack victim protests outside ATC, demands swift justice


An acid attack victim protested outside an anti-terrorism court in Lahore on Wednesday, demanding swift justice from the top judge and army chief, a local media outlet reported.

While talking to media persons, victim Naila said that her husband Arshad and brother-in-law Mohammad Khan had allegedly thrown acid on her in July this year.

She demanded that her brother-in-law’s pre-arrest bail should be revoked and that he be jailed. Her husband has been behind the bars since the incident.

An FIR was registered against the accused on the complaint of Naila’s father on July 18 under Section 336-B of the Pakistan Penal Code, which pertains to punishment for causing permanent disfigurement, and Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, which pertains to punishment for acts of terrorism.

According to the FIR, the incident occurred at around 7:30pm on July 18. Naila had been living with her family for the past eight to nine months after having had the last straw against the alleged abuse suffered at the hands of her in-laws.

Her father has mentioned in the report that he, along with Naila, his other daughter Nadia, and his son Fahad were walking home from Bagrian chowk when all of a sudden two motorcycles appeared and stopped behind them.

On one motorcycle, Arshad and his relative Bilal were seated, while on the other motorcycle Naila’s brother-in-law Mohammad Khan and a man identified as Mustafa were seated.

Arshad and his brother Mohammad Khan got down from their respective motorcycles, while their fellow passengers remained seated and kept the engines running. Mohammad Khan reportedly grabbed Naila while Arshad threw acid on her face from a bottle in his hand, according to the account described in the report.

All four men are said to have fled the scene moments after. The report observes that Naila’s siblings Nadia and Fahad were eyewitnesses to the crime. Naila was rushed to Jinnah hospital in a rickshaw.

Naila claims her in-laws had started to issue threats to her family ever since they took her away to live with them. While talking to the media today, the victim expressed concern that her family was still receiving threats from the accused.

“My husband and my brother-in-law have ruined my life,” said Naila, who has two young sons from her marriage of nine years to Arshad. “My eyes have been completely destroyed,” she added.

The victim has demanded that swift justice be provided to her “as was provided in the Zainab murder case”.

An anti-terrorism court had convened on Wednesday for the hearing of her case, but the defendant’s counsel was not present due to which the hearing was postponed until further notice.