Student commits suicide after teacher repeatedly fails him out of ‘personal grudge’


–Family claims student was ‘bullied’ by varsity administration

–Student apologises to parents, teachers in heartbreaking suicide note

A final year engineering student in Faisalabad has committed suicide after a teacher repeatedly failed him in a course out of some “personal grudge”.

As per the details, Saifullah Jamali, a student of chemical engineering at the Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research (IEFR), fatally shot himself in front of the university gate on Thursday.

According to a witness, who is a lecturer at the varsity, he tried to help Saifullah as he was taking his last breaths but the 15 helpline was “not responsive to his calls” and Rescue 1122 “refused to help”.


Saifullah’s family and friends have claimed that the university is “responsible for the death” as he was bullied by the administration.

“Saifullah Jamali committed suicide due to a teacher, who often used to disrespect him and repeatedly failed him. It is my request to all students, civil society and journalists to please raise their voice against this act of university administration,” his cousin, Noor Ahmed Jamali, alleged in a tweet.

The claim was also backed by friends of the deceased, who blamed the administration of IEFR for Saifullah’s death.


University officials, on the other hand, have claimed that Saifullah committed suicide due to low CGPA and subsequent expulsion.

Breaking the news of Saifullah’s death on their Facebook page, the varsity officials wrote, “Please don’t choose this act; it’s anti-Islam.”


In his suicide note, Saifullah requested the authorities to not investigate his death.

“I am committing suicide on my own. No depression. No pressure. I am requesting the authorities to not investigate my death.”

Saifullah went on to apologise to his parents and teachers. He also requested his heirs to not let anyone investigate his death. “Please don’t let authorities touch my body,” he stated.