DRF report reveals Pakistani female politicians labelled ‘sexy’ ‘beautiful’, male politicians ‘thief’,’hero’


Pakistan Digital Rights Foundation, in a survey, has researched what male and female politicians of Pakistan were called on Facebook from January to July 2018.

According to an upcoming report by the foundation, female politicians were mostly called ‘cute’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘sexy’, while male politicians were named ‘thief’, ‘hero’ or ‘lion’ during this time frame.

Considering that 2018 was the election year in Pakistan, emotions of political workers and followers were at an all-time high on social media.

In a tweet, Digital Rights Founder Nighat Dad shared the summary of the report: “While Pakistani women politicians are ‘sexy’ ‘cute’ & beautiful’ in Facebook comments, male politicians can be a ‘lion’ ‘thief’ & ‘hero’. From our upcoming data-driven report on #PakElections2018: how women politicians experience political campaigning online. Watch this space!”

The chart in the tweet shows all the names given to both the female and male politicians on Facebook.