Promises that Imran Khan has made for ‘Naya Pakistan’

  • Creation of 10 million jobs within five years
  • Construction of 5 million houses; development of 1.5 to 2 million urban and 3 to 3.5 million rural housing units
  • Providing income support to 8 million families, upscaling Sehat Insaf Card Programme to provide access to quality healthcare to citizens, especially the poor.
  • Reviving at least 100 industries
  • Establishing at least 10 technical universities in Pakistan to provide skills to the youth
  • Initiating a “10 Billion Tree Tsunami” spread over 5 years
  • Put Pakistan in the top 100 economies of the world according to the World Bank’s doing business rankings in five years
  • Developing 20 new tourist destinations in 5 years; 4 each year
  • Empowering Balochistan and reach out to the Baloch leadership and the disgruntled Baloch groups
  • Creation of South Punjab province on administrative grounds and lifting its 35 million people out of poverty
  • Promotion of tourism, manufacturing industry, small and medium-sized businesses
  • End regional disparities by implementing the merger of FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Giving development programme for women, expanding social safety net, providing clean drinking water by implementing national water policy
  • Bringing the looted wealth back to Pakistan
  • Bringing madrassas into the national mainstream by public-private “adopt a Madrassa scheme”
  • Formation of national security organisation, introducing reforms in foreign policy and creating a detailed national security policy
  • Introducing Pakistan wealth fund for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Pakistan Steel Mills and power distribution companies
  • Creating ‘council of business leaders’ to improve Pakistan’s global business standing
  • Reforms in primary and secondary education have shown that public schools can attract students away from private schools.
  • Nationwide literacy programme to engage 50,000 youth volunteers to teach literacy in exchange for university credits
  • Ensuring 2% job quota fulfilment for differently-abled persons
  • Bilateral strategic dialogue with India
  • Not allowing Pakistan’s territory or people, including the armed forces, to be used by any other nation for promoting terrorism or for destabilisation of any other state
  • Full autonomy for NAB to eradicate corruption, cooperation with judiciary to dispense the backlog of over 2 million pending cases
  • Protecting the civil, social and religious rights of minorities; their places of worship, property and institutions as laid down in the Constitution
  • Increase women’s access to education, healthcare, economic opportunity and legal protection
  • Reforming FBR and increase the tax net through a robust tax policy, efficient tax administration structure and effective enforcement mechanism
  • Completing electrification of rural areas, solving circular debt issue through reducing transmission and distribution losses, and implementing plans to harness natural resources towards a greener energy mix
  • Making sure ensure that local Pakistani businesses are fully involved in implementation of CPEC project and policy, creating solid two-way linkages with China
  • Expediting construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam


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