Slow internet service wreaks havoc across country


LAHORE: Internet services across Pakistan were disrupted on Wednesday evening as customers complained of slow browsing.

The exact nature of the fault hadn’t been ascertained till the filing of this report; however, several internet users complained of slow or no internet browsing at all.

The disruption as per StormFiber customer support had been attributed to an uplink problem that caused browsing slowdowns from Lahore to Faisalabad.

In Lahore, both PTCL and StormFiber faced a similar issue of slow browsing and a timeline for a fix had not been provided.

Interestingly, our correspondent was using Telenor 4G/LTE services without any major disruptions or slowdown but unconfirmed reports pointed out to a dual cut fibre in Karachi which was causing internet service degradation across Pakistan.

Slow internet speeds impacted businesses, especially ICT and startups that are hugely dependent on robust internet connectivity to streamline their businesses and generate revenues.

Meanwhile, PTCL spokesperson said that maintenance work was underway and the service would be completely restored in a few hours’ time.


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