Pakistan answers all Indian objections in Kulbhu­shan case: FO


ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office (FO) has said that all Indian objections in the Kulbhu­shan Jadhav case at the Inter­na­tional Court of Jus­tice (ICJ) have been responded to by Pakistan’s defence.

FO spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal said, “Our case against India, regarding Commander Kul­b­hu­shan Jadhav, at the ICJ is very strong.”

“He was caught red-handed on our soil, being involved in espionage, subversive and terrorist activities,” he added.

The FO spokesman also said that Pakistan’s defence in the case is airtight.

Moreover, Dr Faisal also said that India had failed to respond to issues raised by Pakistan including Jadhav’s possession of a passport with the fake name of Hussein Mubarak Patel, 17 travels out of India on that passport and his retirement documentation.


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