Focus Pakistan presents recommendations to improve governance


Focus Pakistan, an NGO representing a group of concerned citizens belonging to different professions, has arrived at the conclusion that present system of governance has failed to make structural and social improvements for the 220 million people.

Henceforth, the NGO presented some recommendations to reverse the ride of adversity and apathy to prosperity usher in a just society.


  1. The state shall be federal and powers should be devolved to the federating units and up to the local self-governance.
  2. The legislative and executive branch should be separated which would mean that lawmaking functions of governance will be performed by Legislature while the Executive function should be performed solely by the Executive.
  3. Nomination papers of elections candidates should only be accepted from one constituency.
  4. Constitution of Pakistan has been abrogated time and again at political whims, therefore, parliament need to revisit it.
  5. Legislators will earn a salary but no pension.
  6. Legislators will not be entitled to raise their salaries and allowances beyond the inflations percentage.
  7. All laws applicable to the common citizens shall also apply to the legislators.


Judiciary shall be independent and Supreme Court judges shall be selected by the bi-partisan committee of the parliament on being nominated by the apex court and Supreme Court bar.


The alliance needs to be explored in view of the magnitude of issues and problems. The struggle for the “supremacy” leading to a confrontational relationship between military establishment and civilian institutions has not benefited Pakistan. In order to salvage the country, there is a dire need to develop civil-military unity.