Shehbaz Sharif, two wives’ assets valued at Rs389m


–Ex-Punjab CM also owns one kanal and nine marla land worth Rs34,000, as well as a bungalow worth only Rs27,000 in Murree


LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif, and his two wives’ —Nusrat and Tehmina Durrani— cumulative assets have been valued at Rs389 million, according to the details shared with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

As per details of the nomination papers submitted for the upcoming general elections 2018, the PML-N president and his son Hamza Shehbaz own assets worth millions.

The former chief minister owns 172 kanals of land, a Toyota Land Cruiser and bank balance worth more than Rs 11.4 million. He is a shareholder in five mills, including Hamza Spinning Mills, Hudaibiya Paper Mills and has also taken a bank loan of Rs 38,94,518.

He possesses assets worth Rs159 million, which include properties worth Rs126 million in London. However, Shehbaz has mentioned liabilities amounting to Rs108.9 million in the documents.

Moreover, he owns two properties on Hall Road in Murree; one kanal and nine marla land worth Rs34,000, as well as a bungalow which is worth only Rs27,000.

Alongside, he has shares worth Rs11.4 million in Hudaibiya Engineering Mills, Hamza Spinning Mills and Hudaibiya Paper Mills.

Shehbaz also owns 88 kanals of land in Sheikhupura, which he received as a gift from his mother.

On the other hand, Shehbaz’s first wife Nusrat is the owner of assets worth Rs225 million. She owns a 10 kanal house in Lahore’s Model Town which has been estimated at Rs128.7 million, along with a Rs57million lodge in Murree’s Doonga Gali.

Nusrat’s total wealth in Kasur has been stated to be Rs2.6 million, and she possesses shares worth Rs8.7 million in different companies.

She has jewellery worth Rs1.7 million and accounts in five different banks with a balance of Rs18.9 million.

Shehbaz’s second wife Tehmina Durrani owns assets worth Rs5.7million. She owns a 10 marla house in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore in addition to five bank accounts with a cumulative balance of Rs0.5 million.

Tehmina also received four properties in Haripur as gifts and possesses jewellery and a vehicle worth Rs1.5 million and Rs0.5 million, respectively.

Moreover, the details show that Hamza Shehbaz owns 155-kanals of land, a bank balance of Rs4.3 million and cash price bonds worth Rs1.6 million.

He is a shareholder of 21 mills but does not have any personal vehicle under his name.



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