Afridi sparks social media outrage after sharing photo of chained lion


KARACHI: Former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi caused a social media outrage after sharing a photo of ‘pet lion’ with him and his daughter.

On Saturday, Boom Boom shared a “family time” photo on his Twitter account and wrote: “Great to spend time with loved ones. Best feeling in the world to have my daughter copy my wicket-taking celebrations. And yes don’t forget to take care of animals, they too deserve our love and care :)”

His fans and followers, however, do not like it and pointed out the animal cruelty behind the photo.

One user wrote: “Chaining up a lion is not showing love to animals. Please release him to the Wild. Lions are born to roam freely in the jungle & not be held captive for your amusement.

Another criticised the all-rounder stating, “Well see the irony! Keeping an animal chained and preaching caring for animals simultaneously! Irony died a thousand deaths surely #”

One user advised Afridi, “Put wild animals back in their habitat. Stop trying to domesticate them it isn’t allowed”.

Another wrote: “Yes it will always be a predator but it has a right to roam freely or at least in a wildlife sanctuary. Often animals in captivity cannot be rehabilitated to the wild”.

One pointed out, “The lion shouldn’t be amongst people and it should not be tied up like that”.

And one asked: “Shahid bhai???? There’s a literal lion behind your daughter????”