Nasim Zahra’s book ‘From Kargil to Coup’ launched


ISLAMABAD: Opposition leader in Senate, Sherry Rehman on Friday said that learning from past mistakes was important for moving forward.

She was addressing a launching ceremony of renowned anchor Nasim Zahra’s book, “From Kargil to Coup”.

Sherry Rehman said that Pakistan was passing through a crucial time so military, as well as political leadership, would have to make decisions together.

“We have to keep mum on state secrets but that does not mean that we cannot express what is right or wrong,” she said and added that Pakistan and India could solve the matters with negotiation but unfortunately both the countries were far away from the process.

She also praised Nasim Zahra for writing such a splendid book.

Former ambassador Riaz Khokar said that “From Kargil to Coup” was an amazing book and he appreciated Zahra on writing the best book ever on the Kargil issue.

“She has eloquently explained the facts of Kargil,” he said.

Commanding officer of the Kargil Operation, Brigadier Tanveer while addressing the ceremony, said that they never knew they were going to fight such a fierce battle.

“General (r) Musharraf should have briefed the prime minister about the operation,” he said and added that the leadership of the country would have to make wise decisions as Pakistan was passing through a defining movement.

General (r) Amjad said that it was impossible for the then premier to know about the operation when even the corps commander did not know about it.

“PM Nawaz’s briefing in Skardu and Kale had nothing to do with the Kargil Operation,” he said.

Nasim Zahra, on the occasion, said that she wrote the book in fourteen years as it had a lot of new things which had never been discussed before.

“It will be a good book for students as well as researchers who want to know about the facts about the Kargil conflict,” she said.

The ceremony was also attended by dignitaries including popular columnist Ayaz Amir, former Senator Farharullah Babar and General (r) Shoaib Amjad.