VIDEO: Rescued student recalls horrifying incident of Neelum bridge collapse


MUZAFFARABAD: In a video, emerged on social media, one of the rescued students can be seen recalling the horrifying incident of Neelum Valley bridge collapse.

At least seven people drowned and several others reported missing after a footbridge in Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir collapsed on Sunday.

In the video, the student was recalling that almost 20 to 25 people were on the bridge at the time of collapse. “When the bridge broke from the center, five to six people climbed the central part of the bridge as people dragged them up,” he said, adding that due to their weight the bridge collapsed and around 10 people fell into the river.


He further said that he fell into the river and started trying to grab a boulder and in second attempt he grabbed one, while others were swept away by the river’s current. “I climbed that boulder and sat on it for almost 20 to 25 minutes as local people kept encouraging me to hold my ground and suggested me not to stand on the boulder,” he further recalled.

“I sat there for almost half an hour, water was very cold and my one foot was in the water,” he said, adding that he asked the people to call the army as they have life jackets and boats. “Due to cold water, it was becoming harder to sit on the boulder and then a local person came to my help with ropes.

“He tied himself and me with the rope and dragged me out of the water.”