Caught on camera: retired air force commodore, personnel misbehaving with wardens


Two traffic wardens and a retired air commodore, accompanied by air force personnel, were involved in a scuffle on Rawalpindi’s Mall Road, according to a report by a private media outlet.

According to the report, a woman was being given a ticket for a parking violation by two on-duty traffic wardens when Air Commodore (r) Ziaur Rehman appeared with armed air force personnel.

The situation escalated after the wardens refused to take orders from the ex-air force officer.

A video, recorded on the scene of the incident, shows a civilian bystander questioning the air force officials’ high handedness. The official then approaches the civilian with an aggressive demeanour, to which another person standing nearby asks whether the official “was going to attack a civilian”. The official replies in the affirmative.

The private media outlet’s report also states that while the air force spokesperson was unavailable, Group Captain Nadeem said that a compromise had been reached. The woman in the car was about to be fined for a parking infraction when she lost her temper, but the dispute reached a compromise, the report quoted the officer as saying.



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