Records produced by NAB already declared in our asset details: Saad Rafique


–Condemns allegations of involvement in attack on Justice Ijazul Ahsan’s residence

–Salman Rafique says political leaders, media person should think of what they convey to future generations


LAHORE: Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique on Tuesday said that the land record of 50 kanals land in the Paragon Housing Society was not a revelation as he had been mentioning it in his asset details since 2011.

Briefing the media along with his brother Khawaja Salman Rafique at the Lahore Press Club, the minister condemned the media reports highlighting his ‘undeclared’ ownership of 50 kanals and said that he had exchanged his 44 kanals of land situated on the Barki Road, which he had purchased in 2011-12 with white money.

“We purchased the land on Barki Road with white money and each penny was transacted through the banking channel in a transparent way,” he said adding that later he and his brother had exchanged 50 kanals against 40 kanals of land in the Paragon Housing Society back in June 2015.

“All the documents regarding the exchange of land and transfer of money had been mentioned in the documents submitted to the National Accountancy Bureau (NAB),” Saad maintained.

It is pertinent to note that on Monday, several media outlets highlighted the news regarding the revelation of Saad and Salman Rafique’s ownership of 50 kanals of land in the Paragon Housing Society, giving an expression that both the brothers had concealed this from their asset details.

However, responding to the media reports, Saad said that they had time and again cleared their position in this regard but despite all this, the matter was being “scandalised”.

Saad also fiercely criticised the reports claiming that “plans were being made to burn the railways records”, and said that he had ordered to beef up the security in and around where the records were being kept.

Condemning the allegations that he was involved in the attack on apex court judge, Justice Ijazul Ahsan’s residence, Saad said that he could never even think of taking revenge on anyone.

“I have been a student leader and even though back then I had the courage and power to take revenge on my political rivals, I continued to refrain myself from any such acts or thoughts. This was what my mother taught me after my father Khawaja Rafique’s murder. She taught me to avenge through the promulgation of my ideology,” said Saad.

He said that he was not a paratrooper in politics and gained this status after a great political struggle.

“We might object or reject the courts’ decision but we can never oppose the sanctity of institutions,” Saad said and added that he was hopeful that the joint investigation team formed to probe the firing incident would unveil the culprits.

Salman Rafique, on the occasion, said that he performed his duties honestly, and so, was unaware of what he was being penalised for. He said that it was the duty of media outlet owners and management to verify news before airing or publishing it.

“Political leaders and media person should think about what they are conveying to the future generations,” he said.


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