PU halts extension of non-teaching contractual staff

  • ASA reposes confidence in PU Law College principal

LAHORE: Punjab University (PU) on Friday blocked the extension of more than 100 non-teaching employees on BS-17 and above working under contractual basis, a notification issued by PU Registrar Dr Muhammad Khalid Khan said.

According to the notification, further extension of non-teaching staff working in BS-17 and above on contractual basis will not be entertained anymore. It also recalled that such three-month extensions were awarded in past.

Notification released by PU registrar

“All the vacant posts will be filled in regular manner by adopting the procedure of advertisement circulation,” it added.

The directives mentioned that the Head of Departments (HODs) could make arrangements for awarding extensions either by self-supporting funds or any other admissible manner.

The move received criticism from various sections where the stakeholders accused the varsity’s vice chancellor Dr Zakaria Zakir, Registrar Khalid Khan and Additional Registrar Malik Zaheer of submitting to the political pressure from Minister for Higher Education Syed Raza Ali Gillani.

Sources claimed that jobs would be awarded to promote nepotism and sifarish culture in the name of the selection board to usurp the rights of those who were already employed.

The union of non-teaching contractual employees of PU made an appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to restore their jobs.


PU Academy Staff Association (ASA) on Friday reposed confidence in the Principal of Punjab University Law College (PULC) Dr Shazia Qureshi. In a statement that was issued in the wake of a resolution that was passed against the Law College principal last month by some of faculty members of the college, the ASA president Dr Mahboob Hussain said that the ASA strongly condemn this habitual and vicious tactic of a bunch of so-called senior faculty members of Law College, most of whom neither took classes regularly nor contributed in any research.

They are habitual intriguers who have a past record of using similar tactics with almost every Principal of PULC, the statement said.

The ASA further added that the same group had employed its member Khujista Rehan to malign the reputation and to harm the careers of the highly qualified teachers of various departments by making fake criminal cases against them. “We condemn this behavior of Khujista Rehan and her collaborators,” he said.

The main motive of the signatories of the so-called resolution is to hold the administration of the University and PULC hostage to obtain undue favours and to get hegemonic control over the affairs of the college, said the statement.

“They have used the vague phrase ‘deteriorated situation’ in PULC without specifying a single basis for this false claim. The PULC is progressing very well under the present leadership of Dr. Shazia who has an LLM from Cambridge and a Ph.D. from Lancaster U.K,” ASA president said.