Patari co-founder resigns amid sexual harassment complaints


Khalid Bajwa, the Chief Executive Officer of local music streaming giant Patari, has decided to step down from the post, following harassment allegations made against him by two young women.

According to a message posted on the music streaming forum’s Facebook page, Khalid Bajwa resigned after allegations of sexual misconduct came out in the open. The message further stated that investigations by the company had been launched to ascertain the facts and that the streaming service stands with the victims who came out against the misconduct.


Earlier two women came out against the sexual harassment they suffered at the hands of Patari co-founder.

Mehravarr took to her Twitter account and stated that she had been made uncomfortable by Khalid Bajwa on multiple occasions and that she could not remain silent anymore.

Similarly, another woman stated that she had been harassed by Patari co-founder when she was only 17 years old. In a Twitter thread, she ousted Khalid Bajwa’s antics and called him a “paedophile” and “sexual predator” who took advantage of her at a vulnerable time in life.