Transgender stabbed, one suspect arrested


Some unidentified persons stabbed a transgender person in Gulbahar area on Friday.

The injured, identified as Chitrali, was shifted to the Lady Reading Hospital in a critical condition. Police have arrested one of the suspects while two of them managed to escape from the scene.

This is not the first incident as a transgender person and her friend were shot dead in Peshawar on Tuesday.

The victims, traveling in a rickshaw, were on Peshawar Ring Road when two assailants riding a motorcycle targeted their vehicle. Cases of violence against the transgender community have become a common occurrence in Pakistan. More than 50 transgender persons were killed during 2015 and 2016, TransAction President Farzana had claimed earlier.

On January 22, a transgender was first kidnapped and then gang-raped by at least nine people in Gulbahar neighbourhood. Sources said that the crime was committed because she was advocating for the rights of the transgender community.

On January 17, a transgender was shot and injured in the provincial capital. Abid, who is also known as Sonia, was fired upon in the Pahandu area of the city and had to be rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

Rights activists have said that an organised gang was behind the crimes on the marginalised community in the city. They said that law enforcers were reluctant to take action against the gang despite the series of attacks.