One-year ban ‘too harsh’ for ball tampering, says Mohammed Asif


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – Former Pakistan fast bowler Mohammed Asif has condemned the ‘treated meted out to fine athletes’ after Australian trip Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft were banned by Cricket Australia.

With Smith and Warner out for a year, and Bancroft for nine months, Asif said that the punishment was ‘too harsh’.

“Back when we used to it, the only punishment we got was that we had to buy the captain and the coach dinner,” Asif said while talking to The Dependent.

“And that was when the ball didn’t actually do as much in the air and we couldn’t take wickets. When the ball used to take wickets of course all the punishment was for the other side.”

Asif maintained that this is something he and his peers inherited from the seniors.

“The same was true in other teams, only that no one came close to how good we were,” Asif claimed.

However, Asif clarified that he did not mean that the Australian trip should completely get away with what they did, and should suffer some repercussions for what they did.

“The incompetence they’ve displayed at an art that people learned and preached decades ago, is not something they should get away with,” he said.