SSC Annual Examination: NWA administration bans carrying arms, supporting material



ISLAMABAD: The political administration of North Waziristan Agency (NWA) imposed a complete ban on carrying/possession of arms and any kind of supporting material for the oncoming SSC Annual Examination 2018 to curb the menace of cheating.

As the examination is commencing from March 20 in various schools and exam centers, the NWA administration imposed the ban for a period of 22 days with effect from March 20 to April 7, unless withdrawn or modified earlier. The administration has also banned gathering of any sort within 200 yards of the exam centers.

The notification available with Pakistan Today says that the order was passed by NWA Political Agent Kamran Ahmed Afridi under the authority vested upon him as district magistrate. Moreover, he directed that carrying/possession of weapons by candidates or general public, as well as gathering of five and above persons within the limits of 200 yards of examination halls may also disturb the environment and transparency of examination halls.

The notification further reads, “Any person(s) contravening this order shall render himself/themselves, whatever the case may be, liable to punishment under relevant section of law.”