Operation clears upper house of miscreants’ control


A combat operation on Monday wrested away control of the upper house from the miscreants that had come to control it and have cleared away most of the area as well.

The area was under threat of being completely under the control of an association best known as the “PML-N” that are being run by their proscribed leader Nawaz Sharif.

“It was a successful operation, Al-Hamdullillah,” said Sajid Sanjrani, a local elder whom the area has been handed over to.

“We would like to thank our brave brothers who have done this for us. People criticise them often but I, here, am living proof of the amount of work that they put in for us.”

Defence analysts are of the opinion that after the successful operation, another one is in the offing, this time in the contiguous area of the lower house, where the outfit has complete control.

“Yes, that is the need of the hour,” said Imtiaz Gul, an Islamabad-based analyst.

“What is the timeline for this operation, you ask? Wait, let me just ask the man and get back to you; he is very frank with me. Won’t take long, I assure you.”