Accountability court permits Dr Asim to travel to Dubai for treatment


KARACHI: An accountability court on Saturday granted permission to former petroleum adviser Dr Asim Hussain, who is facing Rs42 billion corruption charges, to travel to Dubai for treatment while seeking a report on the availability of health facilities at Jinnah Hospital to treat the disease Dr Asim is afflicted with.

The hearing of the corruption reference was held at the accountability court in Karachi.

Dr Asim and several other suspects appeared before the court. The court granted permission to Dr Asim to leave for Dubai for his treatment and sought a report to find out if he could be treated at Jinnah hospital.

Permission is granted this time, but let us find out the availability of such facilities at Jinnah hospital for next time, the court order said adding that if the facility is unavailable in Pakistan, arrangements for it should be made. The court adjourned the hearing till March 12 due to the absence of Dr Asim’s lawyer.

Dr Asim was permitted to visit Dubai from Saturday till March 9. In an informal briefing to the media after his hearing, Dr Asim said he his rights since he is not an Indian citizen.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should tender an apology to me and its chairperson must be brought before the court, he said. We want to assure others that we have done nothing wrong, he added.

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has adopted a policy of indifference towards the opposition, said Dr Asim adding that Nawaz was not being apprehended despite cases being registered against him.

“I welcome the decision of seeking a report from Jinnah Hospital regarding my treatment,” he said. I have always respected the courts and will continue to do so, he said.

Commenting on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Imran Khan, Dr Asim said that he can do what he wants but things should get better.

“NAB is going in the wrong direction. Cases were registered against me in the past as well and I was arrested before any investigation,” he said adding that he would approach the high court and fight the case without a lawyer.