Afghan president says wants to start a new chapter with Pakistan

  • Ashraf Ghani offers talks to Afghan Taliban ‘without preconditions’

KABUL: Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani said on Wednesday that Kabul is ready for talks with Pakistan, adding that they want to forget the past and start a new chapter, according to Tolo News.

Calling on Pakistan to hold government-to-government talks, Ghani said the best place to hold peace talks is Kabul.

Ghani made the remarks during a speech at the opening of the Kabul Process for Peace and Security Cooperation which went underway on Wednesday.

The conference, the first part of which was held in June last year, comprises representatives from 20 countries, including Pakistan, and members of international organisations.

The aim of the meeting is to find a settlement to the decades-long conflict in Afghanistan.


In his speech, Ghani laid out several olive branches to the Taliban, saying the government will provide facilities and security to those who join the peace process, work on freeing prisoners, provide passports for Taliban members and their families and will issue visas, open an office for them including in Kabul and will also work to remove sanctions against Taliban leaders.

He added that the peace process and a ceasefire must be agreed upon and that Taliban must be declared a political group.

In a message to the Taliban, the Afghan president said peace is in their hands today and called on the group to accept peace and come together to save this country together.

Earlier, Ghani said consensus is still needed to take coordinated action among states to counter the threat faced by Afghanistan.

Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani in his opening remarks said that peace in Afghanistan would benefit the whole region and the world at large.


  1. Does anyone want peace? No. No one is showing any willingness to work for peace.
    When the Arabs became Muslims 1400 years ago they brought peace to Arabia and to many neighbouring countries.
    So if the Pakistanis and Afghans want peace they need to become Muslims first.
    Muslims always have Udl wul Ehsaan in their thoughts, words and deeds. Thus every Muslim wins friends because they influence people with their behaviour which makes them likeable and lovable by one and by all. Are there many Muslims around?

    • Afghanistan is not Muslim. Afghanistan is a Khawarij who considers the sun as god & disobeys prophet Mohammad. Khawarij are cousins of jews

  2. Afghanistan should first hand over mullah fazal to Pakistan and should ask forgiveness for killing our 180 school children in Peshawar however we can’t forgive Afghanistan

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