Nawaz remaining party chief despite disqualification is mockery of rule of law, says Ehsanullah Ehsaan

For former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to remain the president of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) despite his disqualification in the Panama Papers case is a sheer mockery of the rule of law.
“Yes, they may have the numbers to pass the requisite legislation, but what about the responsibilities that the political leadership of a country has to respect,” he asked, speaking from a military installation of an undisclosed location.
“In fact, I feel the Lordships are still well within their rights to declare the continued position as party chief as null and void because, according to a pretty reasonable interpretation of the rule of law, the said legislation can be deemed contemptuous of court,” he said, while eating some fresh grapes.
“I think we should take such things very seriously,” he said. “I mean, sure, it can be done technically, but what about the optics of the situation? What message are we sending to the outside world?”