FIA nabs fake ‘pir’ in Layyah


LAYYAH: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a fake healer from Layyah on Thursday for taking nude pictures and videos of girls in the name of faith healing.

Led by Deputy Director of FIA Khalid Anis, a team of the FIA acting on a written complaint raided a house in Layyah and nabbed a fake pir, Ashiq Hussain alias Nanga.

According to the FIA, the accused used to take pictures and make videos of naked women and girls who used to come to him for taviz (amulets) and then used to blackmail them.

A case has been registered against the accused.

Faith healing by fake pirs is being practiced across the country including Punjab. Innocent people, who believe that the so-called faith healers can save them from possession, evil spirits and diseases, despite any evidence, are trapped easily.

In the name of faith healing, some of these ‘healers’ have been known to torture, rape, or even murder their ‘patients’.

Last year in November, the police arrested two fake faith healers for swindling people on social media on the pretext of solving their problems.

According to the police, the accused, Zaigham and Waseem were brothers who operated a social media account by the name of “Shah Jee”.