‘Lion’ spotted at PML-N rally in Haripur


LAHORE: A lion locked in a cage was spotted on Saturday at the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) public rally venue in Haripur, according to reports.

‘Tiger’ has long been the PML-N mascot and electoral symbol and many a time, real lions/tigers are spotted at the PML-N rallies and meetings. In 2013, the party came under fire when reports came out that a tiger had died due to heat stroke in a public rally.

However, the BBC later refuted these reports and claimed that the “white tigress named Sandy and owned by one of Sharif’s supporters” was indeed “still alive”.

The tigress was often seen chained during PML-N’s 2013 electoral campaigns.

However, ‘tiger’ hasn’t always been the electoral symbol used by the PML-N. In 1998, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif took part in his first elections under the symbol of ‘cycle’, and was elected as the prime minister for the first time under the same symbol as well.

‘Cycle’ was then allotted to the Pakistan Muslim League-Junejo and then to Pakistan Muslim League- Quaid e Azam in later elections. PML-N was associated with the electoral symbol of ‘tiger’ afterwards.