IGP pledges to make Islamabad police model of excellence


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Inspector General (IG) of police Dr Sultan Azam Temuri has pledged that he is working on inculcating five core values in the Islamabad police to make it a model of excellence and role model for the country.

Addressing the business community during his visit to the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) on Tuesday, Dr Temuri said that the Islamabad police would be made a service-oriented and people friendly police.

He said that professionalism would be developed and an equal application of the law for all would be ensured. He also said that the Islamabad police would be made corruption free as he has zero-tolerance for corruption. Stressing that the business community should resist corruption in police, he said that the business community should also help to identify corrupt people so that the police force could be purged of corrupt elements.

Highlighting other initiatives, the IGP said that Islamabad has a total of 22 police stations out of which seven would be declared as model police stations within this month while gradually all other stations would also be transformed to provide better services to the people.

He said that the records of all police stations including FIRs have been computerised and technology would be used to introduce scientific investigations in the police stations. He said that to bridge the gap between the police and people, community policing was being developed and all segments of the society including the business community would be involved in community policing.

Dr  Temuri said that the reconciliation committees would be set up to settle out of court disputes and after thorough investigations, nominated people would be included in such committees. He also said that the business community would also be given representation in such committees.

He said that a citizen-police liaison committee was also under consideration for the capital. He said that smart pickets would be established in Islamabad to streamline traffic flow on roads and all faulty security cameras would be set right under the safe city project.

The IGP said that following the implementation of all these measures, people would see a prominent difference in the performance of the Islamabad police. He assured that all the highlighted issues of the business community would be addressed to ensure a conducive environment for the growth of business activities.

In his welcome address, ICCI president Sheikh Amir Waheed lauded the initiatives of the IG for improving the performance of Islamabad police. He was of the view that the establishment of rule of law would help in resolving all major police related issues of the people. He assured that ICCI would fully cooperate with the Islamabad police in its endeavours aimed at further improving the law & order situation in the city.

ICCI senior vice president Muhammad Naveed thanked the IGP for visiting the chamber and giving a chance to the business community to apprise him of their issues. He hoped that the highlighted issues would be addressed by the IGP.

Founder Group chairman Khalid Javed, Abdul Rauf Alam, Tariq Sadiq, Mian Akram Farid, Zubair Ahmed Malik, Khalid Iqbal Malik, Zafar Bakhtawari, Mian Shaukat Masud, Ajmal Baloch, Khalid Mian, Zahid Ullah Habibi, Yousaf Rajput, Zia Abbasi, Ch. Asif, Ms. Nasira Ali and others also highlighted issues that needed urgent attention of the police.