India excludes Pakistan from SAARC initiative

Pakistani (L) and Indian flags stand on a table during an Indian-Pakistan meeting on the Sir Creek region in New Delhi on June 18, 2012. Pakistan and India started two-day talks in New Delhi to resolve their maritime boundary dispute in the Sir Creek region. Sir Creek, which opens up into the Arabian Sea dividing the Kutch region of the Indian state of Gujarat with the Sindh province of Pakistan, is a 96-km strip of water that is disputed between India and Pakistan. AFP PHOTO / Prakash SINGH

NEW DELHI: India has excluded Pakistan from the list of SAARC member countries with which it will be connecting its state-of-the-art National Knowledge Network (NKN) for sharing scientific databases and remote access to advanced research facilities, reported The Economic Times.

The government has kicked off the process of appointing a telecom company that will connect and extend the NKN to research and education networks in six South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation member states — Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Pakistan is the only SAARC nation that has been left out of this initiative.

India has for long suspended official talks with Pakistan due to alleged continuing terrorist attacks launched by groups from across the border and chill in the relations is now evident in the sphere of research cooperation too.

NKN is a multi-gigabit pan-India network which facilitates the development of India’s communications infrastructure, stimulates research and creates next-generation applications and services. It enables collaboration among researchers from different educational networks such as TEIN4, GARUDA, CERN and Internet2. It also enables sharing of scientific databases and remote access to advanced research facilities.

India has now decided to extend the NKN to the global research and education networks in SAARC nations.

NKN will be connected from Afghanistan to Delhi or Mumbai, from Bangladesh to Kolkata or Delhi, from Bhutan to Kolkata or Delhi, from Nepal to Kolkata or Delhi, from the Maldives to Chennai or Mumbai and from Sri Lanka to Chennai or Mumbai. A state-of-the-art management centre and network operations centre will also be set up to run the NKN network. The connection from Afghanistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka to India would be through a submarine cable for international connectivity.


  1. Pakistanis must introspect why she is so isolated in the world. US is punishing Pakistan. Here India is doing the same. Other than China no one is with Pakistan. Pakistan is too weak to take on the entire civilized world. During world war II even Germany learnt that lesson. What is Pakistan then?

  2. I wonder why is pakistan so adamant in supporting militants. Every country is telling the same except China which has got no other option except to support Pakistan beause, its billions of dollars will get stuck otherwise. If pakistan abandons its support then india and afganistan adn teh US will definitely co-operate with pakistan to develop. Why pak cannot do this?

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