T10 league urged to keep tournament long enough for viewers to be able to memorise team names


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer)

LAHORE/THIRUVANANTHAPURAM/COLOMBO/DHAKA/SHARJAH – While appreciating the advent of the newest format of the sport, cricket fans around the world have urged the organisers of the T10 Cricket League to keep the next edition of the tournament long enough for the viewers to be able to memorise the names of the team.

Talking to The Dependent, many fans registered their protests.

“I loved the format and how action-packed it was,” said Sidra Ahmed. “But just as I was trying to figure out which team to support the tournament was over,” she added.

Abhilash Menachery said that while he had made up his mind from the get to go support his Kerala Kings, which eventually won the tournament, he complained there was barely anyone from India, let alone Kerala in it.

“But that’s not my main issue, the bigger issue was just how quickly it ended. I still don’t know more than three four players’ names from the Kings – and no, it wasn’t because the names weren’t Malyalam!” he said.