Pakistani blogger wins at Masala Awards


DUBAI: Pakistani blogger, Shehzeen Rehman, who blogs at The Desi Wonder Woman, won the award for Best Blogger at the Masala Awards Dubai which took place this week.

The awards which were a celebrity-studded affair had many Pakistanis in attendance including Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar, Meera Ji and Mawra Hocane. Mahira, Saba and Mawra also won awards at the event.

Dubai-based Shehneez Rehman, who is the ‘wonder woman’ behind the blog, has been blogging for the past three years. On her blog, she has written that she started the blog for fun and with a completely different objective in mind and that gradually it evolved into what it is today.

The blogger expressed her excitement on the win by dedicating an entire post to it. She wrote, “I am writing to you as personally as it can get. It is my first ever award (and maybe the last, who knows) and it feels SO incredible. I cannot help but continuously think about the deep, deep, DEEP gratitude I have for everyone who voted, everyone who tried to vote but couldn’t and even everyone who wanted to but forgot/got lazy/whatever-other-reason (it happens).”

She further added, “While I was sitting at our table, first hearing the category being announced, then the nominees, I kept thinking, ‘people voted for me and if something great happens it’s because a tremendous amount of people wanted to do this for me’. And then my name got called out and I was in absolute disbelief for about a couple of seconds. I honestly, honestly had quite low expectations, the blogging market is saturated here like anything, there are so many bloggers, plus the other two nominees have much larger ‘followings’ than mine and are really great at what they do. It was quite the moment. I feel so blessed and am so grateful. To Allah Mian and to you. It was IMPOSSIBLE if you guys hadn’t voted. I mean all of everything I experienced last night and feel right now is only because of you.”

She concluded, “Blogging is tough at times, people can be harsh and critical, but the majority of you give tremendous amounts of love which I am so, so grateful for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Shehzeen was born and raised in Lahore after which she moved out to Karachi for work and lived there for about 6 years. Currently, she lives in Dubai with her husband, Nabeel. Her blog is about style, food, beauty, travel, decor and “conversation for the regular girl”.


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