Pakistani engineer abducted in Afghanistan returns home


RAWALPINDI: A Pakistani engineer who had been kidnapped in Afghanistan earlier this year returned home on Wednesday.

According to details, Malik Faiz Ahmed, a resident of Rawalpindi, had been abducted in Afghanistan on August 21. The engineer had been working on the Torkham-Jalalabad road project in Afghanistan when he was abducted 105 days ago.

“My father has returned in good health,” Farhan Malik said as he thanked the Pakistan Army and the media for their efforts.

Farhan said that his father had first been brought to Peshawar, where he was received by his family. They later brought him home.

According to a plea for help by the engineer’s son issued soon after the kidnapping, Ahmed had been working with a construction company overseen by the Frontier Works Organisation when he was picked up.

“It is said that the militants are demanding their people [held] in [Pakistani security agencies’] custody in exchange,” the poster read. “No solid information until now,” it added.

It is not clear under what terms and circumstances his release was secured.