2008 Mumbai Attack in India was a false flag operation by Indian agencies, reveals US author



An American academic, political commentator and scholar says former US President Barack Obama is “either wildly detached from reality or lying through his teeth,” while talking about Osama bin Laden and terrorism.

Dr Kevin Barrett made these remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday while commenting on a speech made by Obama at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit — an annual meeting of business tycoons, world leaders and Nobel laureates — in New Delhi.

Speaking at the event, the former US president said Pakistan did not know the whereabouts of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, and that Washington does not distinguish between terrorist groups which target India and those that target the United States.

“Obviously every government does take a primary interest in so-called terrorist groups that target it.

The term terrorist though is very confusing and Obama may have been playing with the lack of clarity in that term.

The true meaning of terrorism is ‘intentionally targeting civilians,’” Dr Barrett said.

“And Obama, of course, is here with people from India who view the liberation struggle in Kashmir as terrorism, and it is not.

The Kashmiri liberation forces are primarily non-violent just like in Palestine, but to the extent that they do target India, they target Indian soldiers in Kashmir, and that is their right under international law,” he stated.

“The Indian government, especially the extremist element, has partnered with the elements of the US and Israeli Deep State in trying to smear the Kashmiri liberation struggle by creating false flag terrorism in India in which civilians are slaughtered,” he noted.

“And Obama of course was going with the official version of the Mumbai attacks when he said the US was just as interested in prosecuting the attackers of the 2008 Mumbai slaughter as India was.

But those attacks have been proven to be a false flag by the elements of the Indian government itself in partnership with the United States,” the analyst said.

“Elias Davidsson has a 800-page book about this.

The title of that book is The Betrayal of India: [A Close Look at the 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks], and it absolutely needs to be read – the 800 pages of documentation proving beyond any doubt that this was a false flag,” he observed.


  1. Since I had never heard about Kevin Barrett I checked him out. He is a US based Islamic scholar and a “truther” who is not taken seriously. Your article seems to stoke unfounded conspiracy theories that has become endemic in Muslim societies, particularly in Pakistan and is not helping them. Only honest self criticism can stop a society from decline, not blind accusations on others.

  2. Indeed it was beyond any doubt a false flag operation. Who gained from this attack more? Pakistan or India. Obviously after this attack India became courtesan of US. It would have been very silly of Pakistan had it planned this attack as it was already stretched beyond its capacity in fighting terrorism on its homeland. Only a song was missing in this bolywood type terrorist attack

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