Man convicted of murder, rape executed in Hyderabad


HYDERABAD: A man charged with murder and rape was executed early Tuesday morning at the Hyderabad Central Prison.

Convict Sikandar Ali Joyo was hanged in the presence of Magistrate Azhar Shamail while Prison Superintendent Ziaur Rehman confirmed the convict’s death.

The case against Joyo was registered in Dadu and the court after convicting him of raping and murdering a minor female relative in 2000 issued black warrants against him and sentenced him to death.

The Sindh High Court and Supreme Court turned down Joyo’s appeal against the conviction, while the president also rejected the convict’s appeal for mercy.

His family’s repeated efforts to seek pardon from the victim’s family were futile as the deceased’s mother refused to forgive the convict.

This is the first execution to take place in Hyderabad since 2015, when two death-row prisoners convicted for the 1998 hijacking of a PIA Fokker were executed in Karachi and Hyderabad jails.

An Anti-Terrorism Court, Hyderabad, had awarded capital punishment to the three for hijacking a Karachi-bound PIA Fokker from May 24, 1998, with the intention of landing the plane in India.

The appeal of the accused against their convictions had been rejected by the Sindh High Court, Karachi bench, and subsequently by the apex court.

Their mercy appeal was also rejected by the president.