‘Pakistan Motor Rally’ to be held from October 21-31


ISLAMABAD: Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has announced that the Pakistan Army is organising a cross-country motor rally from October 21 to commemorate the country’s 70th year of independence.

According to the announcement, the “Pakistan Motor Rally” will be held from October 21-31.

The rally will include more than 300 jeeps, 500 bikers and 150 vintage vehicles, drawn from 23 motor clubs from across the country.

Originating from Khunjrab, at the country’s northern-most point, passing through Gilgit, Islamabad, South Waziristan, Quetta and Karachi, the rally will culminate at Gwadar after covering more than 3,000 kilometres.

“The routes and areas selected for the rally are relatively less visible, developed with extraordinary efforts and serve as seeds of prosperity for Pakistan,” the ISPR statement reads.

The rally aims to promote adventure sports and showcase the country’s tourism potential, cultural heritage and sports talent, according to the ISPR announcement.