World Food Day observed across Pakistan



Like other parts of the globe, World Food Day was observed on Monday (October 16) across Pakistan to commemorate the founding of the United Nations’ (UN) Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

World Food Day helps raise people’s awareness of problems in food supply and distribution. Many events were organised on and around World Food Day while wide-ranging programmes were organised at the FAO’s headquarters in Rome, Italy.

The programme aimed at leaders of political and non-political organisations at all levels and at increasing press attention on topical issues around food supply. Other UN organisations and universities around the world organised symposia, conferences, workshops and presentations of particular issues like food production, distribution and security.

In addition, special initiatives, such as the “International Year of Rice” in 2004 and the “International Year of the Potato” in 2008 were launched. Across the globe, many different events were organised to raise awareness of problems in food supply and distribution and to raise money for cultivation of food plants and the distribution of food.

An example of this is TeleFood, which funds micro-projects to help small-scale farmers at the grassroots level. The projects aim to help farmers be more productive and improve both local communities’ access to food and farmers’ cash income. Fundraising events included sponsored sports events, charity auctions, concerts and marches.

The FAO aimed to raise levels of nutrition across the globe, improve agricultural productivity at all levels, enhance the lives of rural populations and contribute to the growth of the world economy.

It also provides assistance to countries changing their agricultural policy, to aid regions out of famine situations, to help implement appropriate technology and facilitate a neutral environment to discuss issues around food production.

World Food Day has been held each year since 1981. A World Food Day official symbol consists of three abstract human figures harvesting, distributing and sharing food. The figures depicted in a bluish-grey colour and the food in an orange shade. This draws attention to the food. The whole image aims to bring attention to the necessity and joy of growing, harvesting and distributing food.