BISP to initiate University Poverty Graduation Buddy Programme


ISLAMABAD: Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is going to initiate a “University Poverty Graduation Buddy Programme” which will link youth with poor women of the country with an aim to bring them out of poverty.

Under this partnership, university students will help BISP beneficiaries in identifying their potential and guide them on sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by them.

Chairing a meeting held on Tuesday at BISP headquarters, BISP Chairperson Marvi Memon said, under this initiative, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) enlisted universities had been asked to nominate 20 students each to participate in the programme.

She said that students would be linked with BISP beneficiaries in the areas near to the participating universities. One student would pair up with one beneficiary, said a news release.

The student will evaluate the potential of BISP beneficiary and help her in overcoming challenges and constraints faced by her by suggesting viable solutions.

The student will also render help in the marketing of product made by beneficiary through E-commerce, thus helping her graduate out of poverty.

The student will then showcase the success in a case study to a panel of judges who will choose the best graduation model.

Memon said that the BISP has contributed significantly towards reducing poverty and is helping its beneficiaries to fight against poverty.

However, the talented BISP beneficiaries face several challenges like lack of information, access to opportunities, less understanding of market and exclusion. So, BISP plans to engage youth for the guidance of the beneficiaries.

She urged that universities should encourage their students to participate in this initiative, as this a noble cause that would help BISP beneficiaries.

The idea of the programme is derived from “Empower her”, a Maghreb Women Economic Empowerment Initiative by World Bank.